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A notre Liberté Retrouvée

Writen and directed by Andréa Saunier

Short movie, 2016, FRANCE.

1.33 - 14 minutes 07

" Who has never know the feeling of being a prisoner ? Who has never sought liberty ? "

Hermès and Colombe are both seeking the road to freedom. Hermès has reached a point in his life where he is stagnating. As an established writer, he constantly fears the white page that has to be filled. Colombe is herself a prisoner living a relationship where love is but a fantasy. In Greek Mythology, Hermès is a messenger of the Gods with wings on his feet. Colombe is an image of freedom, that of the written word. Hence the names given to the main characters, the symbol of freedom tying them inextricably together. Hermès finds freedom when he writes, Colombe extricates herself from her fantasy relationship to be absolutely free to fall in love again. Hermès and Colombe seek freedom, the freedom to create and the freedom to love. Hermès is always filmed alone. It was important for me that he should evolve in silence. He doesn't eat, smokes too much without writing or saying a single word. His entire being has come to a dead end, both the spoken and the written word. Only the sound of his hands, the pen on the paper or the burning flame of his lighter can be heard. Imprisoned in his inability to communicate, only his environment emanates sound. The image of this woman alone behind a door, obsesses him. When he decides to open it, he opens himself to inspiration, he's finally free to write... This is how the Colombe character comes to life. Inspiration, energy, it's Colombe who embodies it on the screen. She speaks very little, the only words she expresses are this anger and this feeling of imprisonment. Her attitude, her gaze describe the animosity she has in her. She is a girl of today, a young woman full of passion and life, full of hope and envy. In this film, words are not said, they are written.

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