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Le lien

Photographic serie, 2019

Exhibitions :

Photographie mon amour - Festival de photographie, Metz FR - Mai 2019

Quinzaine de l'image, St Lanne FR - Juin / Août 2019

This photographic series represents through the vision of the body to body, the skin to skin, these moments of tenderness on a thread that builds the story of the relationship between mother and child. The touch, the sensitivity of the movements, the delicacy of the gestures are the representation of a union of two bodies, a soul to soul relationship, the unspeakable attachment of two beings. The maternal embrace, however strong, however beautiful, however sweet it may be, is a fragility of the moment in the light. The sweetness is felt beyond the pain that is intrinsic to that of childbirth. Nine months. It all starts with a feeling of a relationship born with the child. Nine months necessary to meet the other to discover oneself. At birth, the mother's body is representative of the world, her inner and outer world. The one by which he lives these emotions, the one by which he discovers himself, the one by which he evolves as a being. The infant feels no difference between him and his mother. This is the transition from infant to child. The transition from a merger to a relationship. The link is born between us and the world around us. The connection of another part of yourself. 

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